Ludum Dare Submission


A bullet-hell boss fight with mechanics inspired by the NES classic "Balloon Fight". Take down the Pibbits' (a group of mechanical rabbit sky pirates) flagship by shrinking down to the size of an ant and destroying the ship's power cores- all while avoiding a BUNCH OF BULLETS!!


Z - Flap/Select

X - Cannonball/Enter Power Core

Left/Right (while flapping) - Move Left/Right


  • Your hitbox is around your chest and head, no need to worry about your wings or feet getting hit by bullets!
  • The energy shields around the ship's power cores are strong, but a few cannonballs should do the trick!
  • In addition to being a powerful attack, you can also use the cannonball's increase falling speed to better maneuver around the bulletstorm!


Art, Level & Game Design: Kyle Reisner

Music: Andrew Garcia, Nicolas Delauney

Programming: Hugo Delahousse, Felix Leon

Concept Art: Sam Regas


Download 19 MB
Download 17 MB

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